If you Chat a lot using many accounts then log into different accounts such as facebook,yahoo,gtalk,skype etc. then this app is bes fit for you.

I am talking about imo.im . This is a web based instant messenging application using which you can log into different IM messenger.imo.im is available in android.

This allows to link with following messengers-

Once you link all your account then afterwards when you login an any one account then automatically others will be activated.

You can have Text chats, video chat, audio chat, group chat depending on the service provided by the messenger. You can also share pictures too. To share a picture you need to email the photo to photos@imo.im from the email address you registered; that’s it. You have 2GB of space to store your photos.

If both of the friends are using imo.im then they can also play chess too.

You can also search the chat history easily.


Here are some list of keyboard shortcuts-

Display account login:  ctrl + a

  1. Close login dialog: esc
  2. Login: enter
  3. Move to search buddies field: ctrl + s or /
  4. Close conversation: esc
  5. Next conversation: tab
  6. Previous conversation: shift + tab
  7. Organize conversation windows: ctrl + y
  8. Clear conversation window: ctrl + l.
  9. Cancel changes: esc

To know more features about imo.im  click here- imo.im Fratures

From today dont open youra ll your accounts in different tabs. Just open imo.im and chat with all your friends.


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