There are lots of Stuff when you own a Business. You have to communicate with lots of People in order to Manage properly because you have to depend on others to make your Job done. Mostly one need to Assign Tasks, You want to send files, You want to discuss about the projects in Group chat.

If you have such work then ChatWork is all that you need. ChatWork is a Single Tool works on Cloud where you can communicate with your Co-Workers properly , chat with them, assign tasks, send files and all other Important Tools such as Video Calling etc.

ChatWork is a Friendly Screensharing Tool where you can share files and documents simply by drag-n-drop function. Connecting with higher executives is also easy in case of Chatwork.

Another advantage of ChatWork is the iOS and Android apps which helps to stay connected through Mobiles. So when you are not on the Office Desk, you can easily connect with mobiles/ The work done on Desktop will managed from the Mobile Phones.

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