Now a days most of us use HD Cameras to take snapshot when ever we visit outside or we used to download HD pictures from the internet . But as the File Size is heavy and very large it is sometimes bit difficult to Share and Store. Website owners also used to add very large photos which taked long time to load .

But there is a solution for  this problems. You can Compress these JPEG Images without Reducing the Resolution or the Quality of the Photo. This is used my many website owners to add low memory pics in order to increase the Loading speed. And also by the general used to compress there images so that they can easily share those images.

The name of the site where you can Compress your JPEG Images is named as JPEGmini

Click on the “Try it now” to start.  Then add your Photos and allow it to compress your Images.

After that you can download your images by Clicking Download Photo Button.

If you want to add a Album from Facebook  , Picasa or any platform then you need to SignUp in the site which is Free.

After SignUp you can easily Add Albums and use it and Compress it for free. You can also directly send the pictures to Picasa and Flickr if you will login.


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