PDF has been reigning as the universal electronic file format for two decades. It is widely popular for being viewable on any computing device and platform.  Also, it compresses the file size and makes document sharing and archiving more practical.

PDFs are used across the globe by students, teachers, office employees, business professionals, etc. As soon as someone drafts a legal document, creates a company’s budget projection, or writes a resume for a job, they often turn these documents into PDFs. This way they make sure that the formatting of their documents will not be lost once the files are sent to whoever needs to see them.


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Adobe and its less expensive alternatives

PDFs are “locked” documents and cannot be modified either by accident or on purpose, so users who want to edit received PDFs need special software that allows them to convert and edit these files.

Adobe Systems is the first producerof PDF software and most of us have heard of this company. However, many users complain about the very high price of Adobe Acrobat’s programs. The latest Adobe Acrobat XI Professional costs $499, which is more than an average PDF user is willing to pay. Luckily, there are other PDF converters on the market, and one can always find an appropriate alternative to Adobe Acrobat.

Able2Extract PDF Converter 8 is a tool that converts PDFs into many different editable formats at a price that is about four times lower than Adobe Acrobat’s. That is not to say that its quality is four times lower; on the contrary. Able2Extract is in many ways a better choice than Adobe Acrobat. For one, it has more options for PDF conversion. While Adobe PDF Converter can only convert PDFs into Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Able2Extract offers additional output formats such as:

The benefits of Able2Extract PDF Converter

Further, Able2Extract is the first cross-platform PDF conversion tool. Many software providers cater to Windows users only, simply because the majority of computer users in the world use this operating system. However, the number of Mac and Linux users is growing and Able2Extract was created to serve all of them.

PDF to Excel is probably the most popular function of Able2Extract. The latest version of the software includes an advanced PDF to Excel option that allows users to play with their table structure before they convert the file to MS Excel. That means they can modify their spreadsheet inside the program and make sure that the columns and rows structure will be exactly as they need it. This function turned out to be crucial to accountants and other finance professionals, because they often complain about the unpredictable nature of Excel cells once they are converted from PDF.

As we can see, these are a few reasons one might wish to save a couple hundred dollars and resort to Adobe Acrobat’s alternatives. Most PDF software providers offer a free trial period, so users can test the tool, see how they like it and decide where to put their money.

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