Facebook Timeline is the Most Interesting and the Most Famous Part of using Facebook. Everyone try to make a Unique Cover Picture and a unique Profile Picture . Now Timeline also Available for Pages too . From the day I can to know about the Timeline I usually try to make Awesome Timeline Covers and Profile Images.

Previously I have Posted about a Timeline Cover and Profile Image named as “Dexter And Didi”   which was used by many of my friends.  There are many sites from which you can make TimeLine Cover such as  thesitecanvas , Top 25 Facebook Profile Cover Pictures of 2011 , Friends Cover (To make Cover Image from your Friends).

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But today I am going to tell about a New Site named as  TrickedOutTimeline using which you can create Awesome Cover and Profile Photos.

My Timeline Cover Made from TrickedOutTimeline

Now let me tell you how did I made it. All you need is to visit TickedOutTime.com

Simply upload your photo on the generator free online Tricked Out Timeline , and choose the effect you want to mount:

Click here to Visit the Site-


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