Creating a Password is probably the most difficult part while creating an account.  You must think and create a password so that it will be difficult for others to guess. Now I am going to tell you a new method from which you can create a best password which will b almost impossible to get it.

Submit your site to the Internet Overload (Wolframalpha)

You can get a Password of any size by defining in the ‘password length’ option. You can generate your password out of different category. Such as Password Size, Uppercase, Lowercase, alphanumeric and many other categories.

It also gives you a method to remember the generated password , So that you can understand it easily.

And the most important thing is that the password that are generated by Wolframalpha is very secure.

So from now you dont need to search or think for a password. Just visit the given link below and generate your password.

WOLFRAMALPHAPassword , Generate a password


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