– Start Your Own Debate

If you want to discuss about a particular topic or if you want to start a debate then you must visit . gives you a platform to start those debates with friends online, who are far away from you. has a very simple User Interface , both in appearance as well as in usage.  A new user can easily navigate through it and use the service.

The sitet looks like an extension of Facebook, as it uses various plugins of facebook, to produce a product which has a character of its own. The best part is it allows users to login using their Facebook ids and take part in debates through the Facebook Comments plugin.


Today while I talked to Kamanashish Roy, the owner of, I was assured that in near future the product would show us how effectively the various Facebook APIs can be used to build a complete product. The newer Version of will be launched soon.



I suggest All My Friends To start Their Topics at DEBATE.FM


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