google reader alternatives

Google Reader is a service which was provided by Google to get Organized Feed and RSS from your Favorite Blogs. But they have announced that some services including Google Readers will be closed from July 2013. As many people use this services they get are searching for alternatives of it. Here I have listed few best alternatives of Google Readers which will help you.

google reader

Feedly is a RSS Feed reader which works in various Web Browsers and mobile devices and Kindle. Its the best alternative to Google Readers which I am also using now. Just Visit Feedly and Login with your Google Accounts. Feedly will automatically synchronize all your feed from Google Reader.

Netvibes is a Personalized Dashboard for RSS feed. It looks a bit disordered when you see it for the first time. It has a Good Structure which looks similar to Google Reader.

Good Noows is a RSS Feed application where you can sign in using various Social Networking accounts and the interface is great for quick view od RSS Feeds.

The Old Reader is also a Popular RSS Feeds where you can import Feeds from your Google Reader Accounts. It is the Cleanest user interface among all the Readers.

You can use any of the RSS Feed reader but I will suggest Feedly as I am using it.