In the Past and also in the Present during a Wedding we used to Invite Guests through Invitation cards. For that Listing the Guest names, arranging cards, planning for it and distributing indivisually takes a lot of time and work pressure.

As in the 21st Century every thing has transfered to Online World then why not the Wedding Invitation Card will become online. You can email all your Relatives, friends the Card Online so that they can get all the information online and all the Updates too. You can share the Story, add an event calender , keep tracking the guests and can share happy moments too using the Online Wedding Card.

To make a Wedding Card-

First of all you need to Buy a Domain and a Hosting Plan- First you should book a Domain name with Bride and Grooms name as You can host it freely at Google so that you can ass Google Docs , Picasa and Other Google services for Free.

You can make the wedding site using WYSIWYG editors where you can design the card for free or Premium where you can get a lot of Features.

I want to list some site where you can make your Wedding Card





There are Drag and Drop Option here. I suggest you to use Google sites and to buy a Custom domain as you can host your Files in Google for free and you can get quite a fast speed there.


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