If you have a Website or Business Online and you want to make it a Brand in the Market then you have to Really work hard for it. There are lots of  Tool online which can help you to Promote your Brand. Some are Free and some are Paid too.

But what if you can create Realistic Environment Screenshot of your Website Easily using a Online tool? For Example- A woman holds an iPad, on the screen your web site is displayed. This can easily help you to Make a Brand of your Site / Blog.

PLACEIT  Create Realistic Website Screenshots using Gadgets (4)


Here is a Website known as – Placeit.net which can help you Generate product screenshots in Realistic Environment. This is either via URL input or via an image upload.

How to Create Realistic Website Screenshots with Gadgets-

1. Open placeit.net and you will find some images there. Choose from various Gadgets (such as Mobile, Tablets, PC) where you want to Embed your website.

2. After selecting the Particular device you have two Options. Either upload the Screenshot/image or enter the URL so that it can download the screenshot directly.

3. Thats it. Download from there. If you want HD then you have to pay some bucks.

PLACEIT  Create Realistic Website Screenshots using Gadgets (3)


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