Have you ever thought of any song name or any artist name or the lyrics of any Song which you are listening in a Radio or TV? Actually Few days ago while I was listening to a Song in radio I was wondering about the Song Name name the Artist. I asked my friends about it but no one was unable to tell me the answer and  it became unanswered.

Then I searched in the internet about any Application or Tool which can help me to search the name of any song which I will be listening. And finally I was success in finding one. The name of the application is Audiggle.This is a Free Software based on Sound Properties which finds all the Information about a song just by Listening to it.

This is an application which works in both Windows and Mac.  When you are listening to any song just click on the Search button or you can use the Shortcut Ctrl + Alt + A .

You can search for the Song anytime that means when you are listening to a Song Online live Streaming or even you can turn on your Microphone and record any audio from any out source. It can capture the audio and search that song for you online . The main Problem is that it takes bit time to recognize the song but the Accuracy is more. It can give the Exact details of the Song .

You can Download that from here –


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