We are adding images to many of our accounts daily . And its true that Picture says Everything but this is not true all the time. I mean to say I want to show a web app using which we can add Links , Sounds and even tag various people into the single Image.

For Example you can make a Invitation to a Party by Embeding a audio clip into it with a “Click to Play” button on the image or by adding tags the clothes and suggesting them where to buy them- I think you must have understood what I want to say.

The name of the site is ThinkLink .

You can SignUp to this website easily using the Facebook Account or manually. And after editing your Image you can share them in Facebook, Twitter and other Social sites easily. Yo can see the statistics for Every image you upload. You can even add images from Flickr or any weburl. You can add theme which matches your Picture easily.

To see an example click here – Example

Here is a Video which will show you how to use it –


To Visit the Site Click here-


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