Is your Time/ Clock of your Computer is Perfect/Accurate? Sometime you must have seen that the Time of Your Watch is not same as the Time of your Computer or Laptop. This makes me mad.

But few days afo I got a Cool WebApp named as Time.IS using which you can check the Accurate Time of your Location, not your your you can calculate the Time of any Location you want through out the world.

When you Visit the Site You can see a Big Digital Clock in the Home Page under which the Date and the Location is written. When you click on the Location you can know the Fact and Figures of the Location including DayLength, Sunrise sunset, Logitude Latitude, Population and all the details of the Country.

You can also Compare the Time of as many Places you want by simply adding the name of the Places and you will get the Time Difference and Other details easily.

Actually the WebApp automatically detect your IP address and locate your Exact Location.

You can add a Widget in your Website to show Time to the Visitors Visitng the Website easily. Just customize the Design you want and you will get the Code using which you will add it .

I suggest eveyone to Bookmark the Site and Use it too to check your Accurate time.



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