Proper Guide for Creating your Own Custom Browser

Many People search in Google about “How to create a Website for Free” and there are tons of results in the List who help in creating Free Websites online. Some also search about “How to create your own search Engine” and now there are many sites which make Custom Google Search engine for Free. But now you can “Create your own Browser” too. There are not many site who help in creating your Own browser but its very easy to create one.

Using makemybrowser you can make your Own web Browser for Free. The Browser is created using Chromium, a Famous Project of Google Chrome. The name is very basic and it says everything. Here is a step by Step Method of Creating your Own Web Browser-

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  • All you need to start by Clicking the “Start Now” Button.
  • Now Enter a Custom name of your Browser and Upload the Icon or any Image file.makemybrowser1
  • Choose the Book Marks you want to add in the Browser. Here you can add as many Links you want. You can get Traffic from here.
  • Then you have to choose a Theme of your Browser and Select Finish and Download Button and your Browser is ready.theme
  • You can Download your Browser from there now and Install it.

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