You must have used different Forums or Question Answer sites while you searching for answer of your Problem. There are lots of such sites.

There are many such Scripts available on the internet which can be used to make your Own Question and Answer site. Some are paid and some are free scripts but most of them are difficult to Configure.

Today I am going to tell about an Open Source Question Answer Script which is easy to use and Configure- Question2Answer .

Question2Answer is a Free and opensource Question and answer script which is based on PHP and MySql. Its clean and very easy to configure. Whether you are a Techie or a Non Techie guy, you can always create your Own Question and Answer site using this script.

You can customize the design and look of your site by using Plugins and Themes which is available in Q2A site for free and Q2A market for Free and Paid.

Site designed using Q2A Market.

You can either create your Own different question answer site or you can integrate it with your Existing WordPress site easily for Free. You can customize from Header to Footer and you can get support from their Forum too.

Currently more than 10000 sites are using Question2Answer scrpits on their site.

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