Rickshawale is a new Online Service which help you to book a Auto Rickshaw anytime , anywhere. This is presently available in Mumbai only. Previously there were online services to Book Taxi, Bus and all but now you can even book Autorickshaw from your nearest location.

Auto Rickshaw is one of the primary mean of Transportation in India and in metro cities such as Mumbai, it is highly popular service. Now, Eureka Transsolution Service Pvt Ltd started an online service named as rickshawale.com. It is a 24×7 Dial Service . You can avail this service by calling 9664010101 or 022-25747474 or online from rickshawale.com.

India AutoRickshaw,
Source- wikipedia.org

Now let me tell you how this service works. Whenever you want to book an AutoRickshaw, all you need is to call to that number. The customer care representative will Book your order and to get details of your Location, destination and your contact details. Then they will try to contact the nearest AutoRickshaw member who was using Loop Mobile and will sms your detail to him. When the driver press a button then the Auto Rickshaw GSM tracker will be automatically activated. And after that a confirmation SMS will be sent to you with the Rickshaw drivers details , contact number, name, license id and details. When you will reach the destination you will pay the fare and the auto will be ready for his next service. Thats it.

You can avail this service during the day or night and from any location, anytime and also you will pay the exact fare as the meter shows.

So Hope Mumbaikars will enjoy this service.