There are many Social Networks for Students , Teachers , Women even for Pets . You share Videos, Photos, music , discuss topics and all those stuffs.But Wakoopa is Something different from all of them . Its a Social Network for Social Guys. Or Simply its a social network for Software.

It Provide Services of Tracking softwares installed and running on Your Computer, iPhone and also on the Web. It has the collection of almost all the Software present , you can search the Software which is arrange by category and get the review of Other users there.

You can install a small app of Wakoopa and it will track all you Software usage and you can know your usage and the reviews of the software which you have given there. You can connect to other users of wakoopa and can share your reviews and can know what apps they are using .

The best part comes now. Wakoopa awards points to the user and assigns different levels to them. You can get points which varies from 1-100 . What ever you do you will be given some Points. If you Use a Application , give scrreenshots , review, add a description in the software, if you use a software of some hours then you can get some points , even you turn your tracker on then also you will get some points. The more point you get the more Geek you are.
You can make circles of your friends and suggest them different apps there.
I suggest all my friends to join this Social Network if you are a Geek .

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