Stylish way to use Twitter : Streamine

Most of the Netizen of the internet have been using Twitter for a long time and if you are one of them then this is the post you may love to read. There is a Stylish app known as Streamie.

Streamie is a Web app That has a Appealing and Minimalist view and have different tabs for Twitter stream, mentions, direct messages, favorites and retweets. The best part is the Compose Box which is very easy to access and you can easily attach images and shorten links.

You will get an option to translate to different languages and sound notifications for feed etc. You will love the design if you dont like Twitter Interface or dashboard.

Some Features of Streamie are-

  • Realtime-¬†When someone posts a new tweet, it will show up in your timeline in a matter of seconds
  • When you scroll down, streamie maintains your scroll state as new tweets appear.
  • Image Uploading
  • Geological
  • Chrome Notification
  • Image previews without leaving the page
  • View all tweets as Conversation
  • Autocomplete of twitter names with creating a tweet
  • You can explore more when you visit the site.