Previously Internet users have same screen resolution as there were only pc where users used to access Internet and Web Designers used to design for the same resolutions and the task was easy. Bu time changed and now there are lots of Medium to Access Internet. There are Laptop, Tablet, smartphones which have completely different Screen Resolutions. Now those designers have o design different for different Resolutions.

After designing the Website they need to test them in different resolutions so that they can check it. There are some online tools using which one can Check his Design at different resolutions.

Online Tools-

There are some online tools which I have listed below.


This website helps you to quickly resize your browser window to any of the pre-defined resolutions. This is a tools where you can check your website resolution faster.


Screenfly is also a similar websites where you have to enter the URL of the website and click on Go to start. You can choose any option to view either on Desktop, Tablet, mobile or TV.

Using this online tool you can check the standard screen formats simply bu clicking in Check up button after entering the URL of the website.


Here you have to choose the resolution you want from a Dropdown menu after entering the URL in the desired field. A new Pop up will open with you selected screen size.

Firefox Addons-

There are some firefox addons which you can use to check your Website in Different Resolutions.


Firesizer is a firefox add-on to resize your browser window to test your website in different sreen dimensions. You can see the urrent window size from Button right corner of your browser.

Yet Another Window Resizer-

This is also a tool where you need to Right Click anywhere on the webpage and select the screen size.

Google Chrome-

Google chrome Extensions can also be loaded using which you can test Screen Resolution preview of your site.

Resolution Test- 

You can find the test Icon in the Top Right Corner after Installing the Extension where you can select single or Multiple Screen to resize your browser. You can either selec from predefined lists or you can define your own size.

Window Resizer- 

It is also the similar app where you can choose from predefined size or you can define your own.

If you know any other Tools then comment below and share with Web Designers.