If you’re a small business owner you’re probably too aware of the phrase ‘time is of the essence’. As if limited resources, money and manpower aren’t hard enough, you’re also running a business always short on time.

In a constant pursuit to minimize the money and effort that needs to be put into every daily operation, small business owners turn to expensive time management software or hiring more people, often overlooking very simple and very cheap solutions to their problem.

We love helping out entrepreneurs improve their business, and wanted to share a few of our favorite time saving tools we think every small business owner could benefit from.


Establishing an online presence for your business starts with a website, and there’s no faster or easier way to do that than with SITE123.

This incredible website builder has transformed the way people create websites, allowing them to have a professional-looking, beautifully designed, fully responsive website up and running in minutes.

Its intuitive interface and easy to use features, as well as dozens of pre made layouts and designs have already made it a favorite among business owner, drastically cutting down the time needed to have a fully operational website that’s bound to increase their revenue.

And the best thing about it – it’s completely free!


If you’re running a team, then you know how hard effective communication can be. Delegating tasks and tracking progress are slow, delaying any progress and preventing your business from growing.

Trello is a project/task management app that makes all of this much easier. Create boards for every project you’re working on and assign tasks to people on your team. Track their progress, add comments and make sure everybody respects their deadlines.

It’s free, colorful, and fun to use, making it a welcome addition to your company. Doing everything on your own? Don’t worry – you can use it all by yourself and use it as an agenda or a daily reminder.


Selling online has never been easier thanks to Ecwid, and incredible e-commerce app that revolutionized the small companies do business online.

Setting up an online store with Ecwid is free, fast, easy, and most importantly – safe. Hosting your store with this platform gives you the safety and reliability you won’t get anywhere else. Keeping track of orders is a breeze, and the app also gives you an overview of your inventory and automatically calculates shipping rates according to customers’ IP addresses.

Ecwid enables you to run a full blown online store on your own, and setting up the basic plan is completely free. What we love about it is that it seamlessly integrates with your SITE123 website.

We love helping our readers grow their business by giving them useful advice – and this list is no exception. While the tools we’ve mentioned aren’t your run-of-the-mill time tracking apps, they help save time and keep you organized. What’s not to love about that?