It’s new. It’s amazing. It’s something you should definitely join. It’s like facebook, twitter, pinterest, all combined into one amazing medium. It’s an all new wave of social media.

Eventually, concerns started to mount, and new social network applications started popping up, promising users that they would “own their data.”

At Zurker, you don’t just own your data, you own the network. Every Zurker user becomes a co-owner (future shareholder) of Zurker.

Zurker is a third-generation social app released into private alpha testing in December, 2011. It’s special because it’s owned by its members. This is how it will be the best social Networking app.

Zurker is a completely new and revolutionary concept.  The most mind-blowing thing is that Zurker gives members a small stake of ownership, called a V-share. You can earn one V-share by referring a friend (first 24 hours only). If you refer 10 friends in the first 24 hours after signing up, you end up with no less than 11 V-shares! (India residents only.) As more and more people join Zurker, traffic and revenue will grow, making Zurker (and your V-shares) more valuable.
One more special thing in Zurker is its been started by country-vise, i.e first in India, and then US, UK and so on…! But anyone can connect with any other irrespective of their country and Zurker is fundamentally better than Facebook and Google+ .


Now Zurker is not Opened for Public . You can Join only By Invitation.


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