Aapkapoll.com is a website where a user can create free online polls and share it in a few clicks with friends.  This website tries to help people get an opinion on anything, if needed. Aapkapoll.com is a very easy and user friendly website.


How are they different?

We felt need of a website, where a user can create his/her polls, analyze results, decide whom to allow to vote on his/her poll etc, hence aapkapoll.com. The best thing about the website is that it eliminates the need of your own website, as most of the online polling sites require.

AapkaPoll.com was founded by Manish JainPrem Jain and Mahavir Nahata who believe to provide user friendly solution to get an opinion.  Since commencement of the website we are receiving a decent support from the people and we believe if we keep on improving, support will follow. They have made an attempt of offer people a solution, which is easy, reliable and quick.

They continue to improve based on valuable feedback from our users and people around you. To promote quality content, they encourage their users by way of rewards. They also announce contest for our users on a regular basis, recently we are holding  a T-20 Contest.

In future they plan to provide premium services, which would include comprehensive research services, data analysis services, website integration, more customization, providing a particular group of voters based on demographics, age, sex etc.

A message from Owner of AapKaPoll about Special Account for Premium Uses

Hello Guys,

We have introduced a free facility of Special account. The special account is an exceptional service to users, who want to conduct online contests, special web polls, database of prospective customers/clients etc.

Some of the features of Special Account are as under:-

  • Just create an online poll, quiz or contest and Manage the poll through our Website
  • ü Send Email to the voters in a single click
  • ü Download the data in Excel format in a single click
  • Embed the poll on your website  (Simply copy and paste the script link)
  • Increase the reach of your poll
  • Analysis of the poll results available on request.

Note: The special account facility is purely on request basis. If you are interested in our special account services, click here