It’s no secret that Google favors big brands since they have greater reliability and stability, and believes they can offer users better value. However, today small businesses in the online scene have a fighting chance to win organic search traffic against bigger names within their niche. Bigger brands have an even bigger advantage – a […]


The internet has changed the way businesses operate. Along with the internet comes low cost marketing opportunities in the form of social media. When used properly social media can elevate the exposure of business. Pictures, relevant articles, mobile internet appeal, and interaction are just a few of the ways sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, […]

Getting your Healthcare Informatics Master’s degree today means understanding important trends in all aspects of healthcare – including wearable health. With the recent release of the Apple Watch as well as the ResearchKit app, wearable technologies are on our minds now more than ever. We can now use apps that motivate us, keep track of our goals, […]