File transfer between iPhone and PC is a real hassle, especially for non-tech savvy people. Apple tells users that iTunes can help sync files between computer and iOS devices. However, few people are willing to use this bloated, complicated, yet features-limited software. After spending plenty of time reading relevant instructions, most people still can’t take […]

Le VPN provides you servers all over the world, a robust encryption and range of protocols. It is one of the best in its category and is more preferred by a user. It has a fantastic server coverage in 114 countries in all of the five continents all over the world. It is further made better due […]

Online purchases account for close to 20% of our country’s GDP. And credit card transactions accounted for more than US$800 million spent by US customers in 2016, with a large portion of that amount being credited to online shopping. Pair these facts with smartphone penetration on the market, and it is easy to see how […]

As time passes there is bound to be a certain amount of junk that starts to accumulate on your Mac. More often than not this junk is in the form of old cache and log files, duplicate files, leftovers from apps that were uninstalled, unused localizations, and so on. Although these files are really pretty […]

Apps for all ages is the motto of app developers and the reason why you will find apps that suit different age groups. As there are apps for young people there are also many apps that can be beneficial for older people especially senior citizens. The apps are meant to support the lifestyle of senior […]

Taxes can be among the most complicated things to do, but they can also be quite simple once you know your way around the regulations and basic calculations. Villanova University recently released a brief overview of the different taxes you are a subject to and it is definitely a great place to start if you […]

We can all agree that one of the most captivating types of entertainment is television and movies. They can both be grouped under the category of video entertainment. They are a combination of audio and video at the same time. As such, you get an immersive experience from the material that you watch. To make […]

One of the most important aspects in any marketing campaigning is promoting brand awareness to make your product and/or company name well-known and widespread. Every lead doesn’t have to immediately convert into a customer in order to be beneficial for your brand’s overall presence, as leaving a lasting impression is often advantageous in itself. Many […]

Small business owners need to appreciate that it is perhaps only in the online space that they can compete effectively with big businesses by ensuring that their online marketing initiatives are up to the mark. With Google tuning its search results to give an advantage to small and local businesses, it is the most opportune […]