Have you heard that couples who train together stay together? Well, the good news for those of you with an affinity with the gaming world is that the same is true of couples who game together! To give you some ideas on how to bring out the competitive spirit at home take a look at three of the best we’ve been playing recently.


FF15: Race each other through the story modes before the other one spoils the surprises!


If you get home and say: “let us play FF15” rather than going out for dinner, then you’re onto something special. There’s so many options, levels, and paths to explore that you’ll be forever competing against one another.


When you spend so much time with one person, there’s no better way to show them who’s in charge than by powering ahead. If you always know what they’re going to see because you’ve already done it, you have the power at home! You’ll be able to get them to do the dishes, take out the trash, and get a move on with the cooking. All the while telling them you’ll reveal what will happen next in their game if they don’t get it done!


Evoland 2: The sequel that evolves as you play 


When you want to relax with your partner, it helps to play games because they are amazing stress busters. What will really relax and entertain you about Evoland 2 is that the graphics progress as you work your way through the levels.


You’ll start with the ultra-retro 8-bit pixel displays, move through to the games of yesteryear, before arriving at full 3D rendering. As you and your partner race through you’ll see something different every time, you look at one another’s screens. That’s perfect if you want to share a gaming experience where a new surprise or a throwback style is only just around the corner.


SIMS Mobile: Put your domestic quarrels to bed once and for all


Who doesn’t love playing the SIMS? It’s perfect for letting off steam as you show your loved one how you want to run the house without their annoying little habits getting in your way! You could even create a crazy layout and routine that makes fun of some of their quirkier habits.


That’s Ideal if you want to show them what would happen in real life if you gave into every whim and crazy idea of theirs. Can you think of a better way to get your point across while having hours of fun at the same time? We certainly can’t!


Hopefully, these three very different styles of game have given you plenty of ideas for your next couple’s gaming session. With so many new games out there and so many hours in the day, you’ll be all set for hours of fun together. Ideal for when you want to let off some steam after work or spend some quality time together on those precious weekend afternoons. It’s time to get gaming folks!