Smartphones are gaining popularity day by day for internet browsing and other activities. This has compelled all the website owners to provide mobile friendly websites to their visitors or an enhanced pleasure. The race to provide the best mobile based website has given rise to many optimization techniques. Following these techniques, there are some common minor mistakes that webmasters perform, providing fatal results for a mobile site optimized. Such common mistakes along with tips to avoid them are discussed below. 

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Unplayable Videos 

There are many websites that contain flash based video files on certain web pages. This makes the videos unplayable on certain Smartphones or other mobile devices due to non availability of support to flash. This issue can be resolved by the inclusion of videos on a web page by using standard tags used in the HTML5 language. So, you must make the best code for videos to be made available for all the mobile as well as desktop users to enhance their experience. You might also include transcripts of the videos that you include in your website to serve your mobile users in a better manner.

Faulty Redirects 

Due to the evolution of internet users on mobile devices, mobile dedicated websites have become popular. Although, many website owners have managed to get mobile versions of their websites developed, but still there are many common mistakes creeping. The most common issue is the faulty redirects, which includes a redirection to the mobile version of the desktop site from all the pages of the website’s desktop version. Resolve this issue by redirecting every page of a website to its equivalent mobile page, rather than the home page or hire professional link building services to get the errors removed for you.

Error 404 – Smartphone Only 

Still there are many websites available, for which no mobile version has been developed. This creates a difficulty for mobile users by showing them the error 404, when they try to access the same site on their mobile device. This can be solved by either getting a mobile version of the website or redirecting the desktop site to it or by providing access to the same site on mobile devices as well.

App Download Interstitials 

Some webmasters have developed apps for the mobile versions of their websites, which they promote to the mobile users visiting their site. This promotion puts into practice in many ways, out of which, a few cause disruptions or indexing issues for the users, providing a reason for them to stay away from their site. This issue can be resolved by offering simple banners to mobile users for app promotion. The banner implementation can be carried out with the use of either a native browser & OS support or an HTML image advert providing the app download link.

Page Speed 

Optimization of the time for loading of a page of a website dedicated to Smartphones is a vital task to be considered. You should utilize Google Insights for page loading issues analysis for optimization of your website for mobile and speeding up the mobile web. The mobile page of your website should load within a second to enhance user experience.

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