Today Google’s Chrome is the Most Popular Web Browser WorldWide followed by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox , and in India also Google’s Chrome is the Most Popular Web Browser which is followed by Firefox and then Internet Explorer.

India Browser Usage Stats

In India Google Chrome is the Top Browser Since October 2011. Now in India Chrome shares around 42.7% of total Web Browsers share , secondly Firefox which shares around 34.56 Percentage and Internet Explorer shares only 17.8 Percentage of the Whole share.

WorldWide  Browser Usage Stats

Google Chrome is the Most Popular Web Browser in the Worlds after supressing Microsoft Internet Explorer which can be seen in the StatCounter. Now Google Chrome has 32.76 Percentage , Internet Explorer with 31.94 Percent and Mozilla Firefox with 25percentage.

Last Yeaer IE was leading in the Browser market with 43Percent and Mozilla with 29 and Chrome with 19 Percentage. Presently Google’s Chrome has gained 13 Percentage, Microsoft Internet Explorer Loosed arounf 12Percentage and Firefox Lossed almost 4 percent.

Asia Browser Usage Stats

In Asia Google Chrome also leads with a share of  around 37.82 Percentage which is followed by Internet explorer with 32.56% and then Firefox with 24 percentage.

Chrome Became the Most used WebBrowser in Feb 2012 when it Crossed Internet Explorer.


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