5 Active users win 5 IDM License worth $150 [Giveaway]

Another Giveaway has been started on RIGHTyaLEFT, Currently a Giveaway is running. This time TONEC has Sponsored 5 License of Internet Download Manager to Top 5 Winners.

This time the Contest is bit different. Not like usual Giveaway. This time you have to work a bit in order to Win.

RIGHTyaLEFT has a Forum named as RIGHTyaLEFT.com/ask. There are lots of active users in the page with lots of Questions and Answers related to Technology. You can ask Question and add answers in the Forum to earn points.

In the RIGHT Side Bar in the Last, there is a BOX which says Most active Members this month which Holds 5 names. The more you will be active the more point you will gain. You can check anytime from here.

THE CONTEST WILL END IN 14th September 2013

All you need is to ASK questions related to Technology, ANSWER question asked by other users, Vote Best Questions and Answers. The more you be active, the more point you earn.

Here is a Guide which will help you to join ASK- HOW TO JOIN ASK

After the End of the Contest, the Top 5 Active users will get a License of Internet Download Manager.

All the BEST.

Most Amazing & Shocking Do You Know Facts

Do you know how the internet id Growing and how the Internet business is bending? If you are on the internet business then you will be excited to know about it. The Face of the Internet has Changed more than you have ever Imagined.

So I want to present you the Most Most & Shocking Facts about Internet-

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Internet: The Circle of Influence

For decades now we have come to view the Internet as a singular entity from where we cull information or convey the same. It has become our way of life all these years. The Internet as we know it is the biggest game changer mankind will ever come across with in this lifetime. It will continue to influence the choices we make as individuals. Industries will be impacted by the changes its ever-developing technology offers. Business owners and their decisions will always be thought about in consideration of online possibilities. This is how it has always been for the past 10 or 20 years for us and the rest of the world.  But what happens when the Internet changes and soon develops into something that isn’t the way we know it to be?

This is the new question rising on the technological horizon. Businesses and business owners are now bracing themselves for a paradigm shift in their usage of online technology. That which concerns their use of Internet technologies to gain access to the market via the information they provide, and that which consumers use to get connected with businesses for transactions.

The end of the Internet as we know it

The way mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are impacting consumer buying behaviors and buying mode preferences have resulted in the proliferation of mobile apps. Hundreds of apps are in development each day to add to the hundreds more currently available for users to download for free or buy online at premium prices. The wide variety of apps and the nature of their uses can be staggering. While tech savvy workers eagerly seek business productivity apps to make them more efficient professionals, consumers lap up all sorts of leisure-oriented apps and those that enable online and virtual store purchases conveniently. The growing prevalence of mobile device use in companies and among users will play a pivotal role in the paradigm shift we are referring to. The shift in internet user access methods from open browsers to packaged platforms offered by mobile apps, internet-connected TV, tablets, e-readers, PC apps, and gaming and video platforms.

To get a better understanding of this brewing scenario, we can take ourselves about five years into the future. Imagine the following:

  • People will prefer mobile devices even more. In five years’ time, we see mobile device users outnumbering stationary workstation-oriented desktop computer users judging from the way current browsing source trends now are. Most recent Trendstream (London, globalwebindex.com) surveys have it that data and info search traffic from tablets and smartphones are accelerating at a pace that will enable it to surpass search traffic from desktop PC sources in a couple of years’ time. This illustrates the growing preference by workers and consumers to access online data via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. First time users of online technology in developing countries are most likely to access info from mobile devices instead of PCs in around such period of time. Five years from now, users will most probably be accessing info more from mobile apps rather than from open web browsers.
  • People will base buying decisions from Social Media content. Businesses in five years’ time will have shifted their marketing efforts to more entertaining and real-time methods of reaching out to consumers. Blogs and company websites that may feature professional content may by that time still have certain pockets of holdouts but the more relevant consumer mainstream will prefer professional content sourced from social media for its entertainment value and its real-time instant gratification wonders.
  • People will rely more on professional content rather than journalism. Because more and more people would prefer to access info from mobile apps instead of open browsers, the kind of content information will be entertaining, specialized, specific and professional. Consumers will be less interested in what journalists or opinion makers will be saying. People will begin to view “expert” opinions as mere biases. That means people will be buying things based from perceptions assimilated from social media info combined with the influence they get from interactions with online “friends”. This is the new circle of influence that will rule consumer consciousness in the next five years. Online marketing, for better or for worse, will never be the same again.

Author’s Bio: Henry Conrad is a 29-year-old game developer from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Aside from gaming and being a tech junky, he also dabbles in creative writing, which allows him to create great storylines and backgrounds for his characters. Follow me on Twitter and join me in Google +

Top 10 Bollywood Actors Famous over the Internet [Infograph]

In India Bollywood Gossips is one of the Most Trending Topic ever. Everytime I log into Facebook or Twitter I usually see Pics of Bollywood Actors, Movie Posters, Memes etc. All the Bollywood Stars have their Facebook Fanpages and Twitter Accounts too. So recently I did an analysis of many Top Bollywood Actors by calculating their number of Fans in Facebook and Followers in Twitter. Many have expected some Actors to be in Top but the result was really amazing. I was really shocked after seeing the real result.

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Best 3 Benefits of Internet Marketing

In the early days everyone who had a business and decided to take it online found that it was enough for them to build a website by making use of a basic template in order to attract prospective customers and clients. Nowadays though, it seems that the majority of medium and small sized business owners discover internet marketing has a number of benefits which will allow them to grow their business faster.

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The Internet Difference between 2002 and 2012 [Infographic]

When we calcualte the value of 10 Internet Years then it becomes Very huge because of the Rapid Development of Tools and Online Stuffs.

In 2002, we were using Internet Explorer, AIM, Desktops, where as now in 2012, we use Tablet, Twitter, Netflix, wikipedia, chrome, apple, gmail, facebook, android, Laptop and all.

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How to Compare Satellite Internet Deals Offered By Various Companies

Although it is easier to use cable and high speed Internet connections; in some remote or rural areas, no Satellite Internet is the only alternative. These areas do not have access to cable and other connections. Therefore, for people there, they have to get in touch with a company that offers them a satellite connection.

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How to Become a Millionaire through Internet [Infographic]

Internet is so big that we can Spend years without getting Bored and whenever we try to find anything you get new Stuffs. Another thing is that Internet is a Place where Money is Flying and all you need is to Jump and to Catch as much as you can. You can get best Opperchunities to get earn money online. But yes be careful , there are many (not all) Frauds over the Internet who Steal your Money or the Work which you have done. You can show your Talent online and earn Decent amount of money in Elegant way.

There are many Ideas and Methods that can be implimented. Some of them are Blogging on any Niche , Web Development and Designing , Internet Marketing, Creating Applications for Desktop and Web, Creating Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android, Helping others Business to Grow. Some friends have Started Blogging in different Topics such as Food Recipies , Bike and Car Reviews, HandCrafts, Local Language Poems, Resturant Reviews and all. Yes its true that it Takes Time to Grow and Earn money but remember “The fruit patience bears is sweet” . All you need to Work hard and you must need to be Genuine.

If you will Search in Google “How to make Money On the Internet” then you ll get almost 1,450,000,000+ Results.

Here is an Infographic Which shows you a Strategy about How to Make Money On the Internet

Source – Doogiehorner.com

How the Internet will look in 2022 [An Imagination]

At present the Internet world runs through Social Media , Blogs , Users , Advertisements and all such Stuffs. We have imagined about HOW INTERNET WORLD WILL LOOK IN 2022 (10years from Today).


Blogging – Nature of Blogging will be Drilled in Future. The concept of Object Oriented will be applied , just like Wikipedia.When you write a Post you will get many Objectstelated to that Topic and you will use those Objects to write the Post.

[Bloggers will be More Social Impact , they will be Like Journalists]


Traffic – Traffic will not matter in future , at that timenumber of Sharings will matter. How many Blogs have directly Copy Pasted your Content ,that will matter. It will be same as we calculate the in Twitter the Top Tweet based on Number of retweets. At present this thing is somehow implemented on Tumblr blogs.

[Blogs will replace Newspaperfor Sure]


Monetization – At Present advertisement is the best way to Monetize and I think this will also applicable in future too but in a different way. There will be a Concept of Sales Driven Monetization. An example – If you Post about Samsung Galaxy sIII then ads related to the Phone will be displayed and you will get commission based on the number of People have buyed that Phone through your Blog link. There will be a Tracker for that. This is Something called as Influences Bonus.


Social Networks- Social Networks are evergreen and will be all the time but will be in a different structure. In future Social Networks will be used only for Communcating and Chatting but not for Sharing Links in them. There will be a lot of Tools and Apps for Being Socialize.


Search Engines – At present there is a War in Social Networks and will continue and Google will be in the Top and yes Gamification will still there. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will be Completely Social Driven.


Content – In future Blog Contents will be Data Driven. It means if you want to calculate the total number of People came to watch a Show then you can know the exact number from the number of Checkins in FourSquare. By this Blogs will look like Research Reports.


This is how we (Sanjib Parida and I) have thought of the Future of the Internet.

If you imagine something different and new then feel free to Comment below.

Google Chrome – Best browser in India , Asia and WorldWide too [Stats May 2012]

Today Google’s Chrome is the Most Popular Web Browser WorldWide followed by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox , and in India also Google’s Chrome is the Most Popular Web Browser which is followed by Firefox and then Internet Explorer.

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5 Tools to Check your Internet Speed

Most of us download Movies , Videos, Softwares online for free. But when you are out and want to Download anything from some other Computer ans Internet connection then you must check the Internet Speed before Downloading anything . Now I am going to post about some WebApps or tools using which you can check the Speed of Your Internet Connection.

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Make Youtube Load Faster on Slow Internet Connection

While you watch any Video in youtube the video buffer a lot any you cant watch the video fluently. This happens in slower net connection. For this there is an alternative version of Youtube known as Youtube Feather, it increases the site Speed so videos will be much faster and thus will be helpful for slow internet connections. To achieve faster speed Youtube Youtube disable many not so useful features like  search suggestions, posting comments etc.

Once you activate Youtube Feather you will see an option to switch back to regular Youtube in the right sidebar.I am using Youtube Feather as I watch a lot of Videos in youtube and the main reason is that it is Clean and Simple.

To Enable Youtube Feather for your Computer just visit Youtube Feather page and click on “Join the Feather Beta” Link.