The hottest topic these days is social networking. What actually social networking is? Simply speaking, it is a means by which a person can keep in touch with other people using internet. There are different social networking sites that help people all over the world keep in touch with their relatives, friends and colleagues. The different sites provides features like chatting, online games and sharing photos and videos. But social networking is not only restricted to fun. The large span of social media can be used to expand your professional network too. You can let people know about your skills and your domain of expertise. You can connect with professionals and share each others experience. You can come to know about the industry you are interested in and keep yourself updated about the organizations you are concerned about. If you are looking for all these, then Linkedin is the place.

What is LinkedIn?

Linkedin is a very popular among professionals. You can better define it as the social networking site for the people who are associated to some kind of profession. It was launched way back in the year 2003 with an aim to link professional peoples. The site is available in different languages like Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Korean, Czech, German, English and French to mention a few. This has made Linkedin popular in almost 200 countries. To use the features of Linkedin, you have to become a registered user. Once you get registered you can maintain a list of all persons with whom you have some relationship. The relations on Linekdin are termed as Connections. If you are on Linkedin you can send a invitation to anyone to connect to you. If the person marked you as spam then it is counted against you. If you get too many of such responses, then your account will be restricted or it might be even closed.

12 ways in which you can use your connections on Linkedin For your Business

  1. Increase your contact list further through mutual contacts: You can use your immediate connections to come across their connections. These new connections can be used to lengthen your contact list further. Thus you can come to know about some new connection through your mutual connections.
  2. Come in view of employers: Linkedin allows you to upload your resume. You can build your profile by mentioning your areas of expertise. Recent studies have shown that there are many employers who search manpower through social networking site. Thus maintaining a attractive profile in Linekdin increases your chances to getting a good job.
  3. Help you find jobs and business opportunities: Linkedin is a site where people recommend organizations and business ideas which helps you a lot to find jobs.
  4. Get referred: You can check out the profiles of managers who are hiring. This can help you to come in contact with the manager’s connections who can give you a reference.
  5. A great place for employers to search employees:  If you are an employer you can easily shortlist job seekers based on their skill. You can always come across the right person while browsing through millions of profiles on Linekdin.
  6. Linkedin allows you post your photos: If a profile has picture of the person, then it becomes very easy to identify the person.
  7. You can connect to companies: Not only individuals but also companies and organizations are creating Linekdin profiles. You can get all the updates regarding jobs in a particular organization if it is in your connections list.
  8. Linkedin has bookmarking facility: If you wish to apply for a job in the future, you can bookmark it.
  9. Embed other applications with your Linkedin profile: You can embed applications like Typepad and WordPress with your Linkedin profile.
  10. Access Linekdin from mobile: Linekdin is accesible from mobile phones while you are on the go. However the mobile version of the site provides some limited features.
  11. Form groups with people of similar interest: Linkedin allows you to form groups of people who are interested on similar topics. Most of these groups are related to employment, career and profession.
  12. Find companies: You can search and make a list of companies where you want to work.

Linekdin is a great tool that enables you to grow your professional contact list. So wisely use it for your business and get success with it!.


This is a guest post from Lewis who is working as a virtual assistant and currently associated with answering service. You can contact him via his Gtalk : LewisHookerOnline[AT]

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