This is a mini tutorial which shows about the method to remove Shutdown Button and Restart Button from Windows 7. This is useful when you dont want that anyone will turnoff your Computer. I have used this Step and I shutdown using Task Manager..

Here are the Steps to Do so..

Step 1- Click on Start and search for gpedit.msc and hit enter .

Step 2- Navigate through User Configuration ->Administrative templates -> Start Menu and Task bar and double click on Remove and prevent access to the Shut down ,restart ,sleep and hibernate commands .


Step 3- Change the settings from not configured to enabled and click OK.

Step 4 – Thats it. Now your ShutDown , Restart , Sleep and Hibernate has been removed .

To get back the buttons follow Step 1, Step 2 and in Step 3 change the Option to Not Configured and click on Ok.


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