Hackers from the famous group “Anonymous” decided to launch a social network called AnonPlus or revolution.

The team of hackers who are behind several major attacks this year in the protected systems of different companies and organizations around the world is preparing to launch its own social network.
The group decided on this move after Google disabled their + Google account for violating the rules, referred to as “community standards relating to Google + network.”

Currently there are not too many details about how  will work their social network, but if you have good antivirus protection system on your computer something you can learn more by visiting their website Anonplus.com.


The network which they develop will not be suitable only for members of the group but as they say anyone can join “who wants a better internet.”

Of course, with these notes they performed powerful messages : “Welcome to the Revolution, a new social network where there is no fear of censure, termination or restriction”.

Indeed we are interested in what way will anonymous run their social network, when is known that are chased by half the world’s service in charge of cyber crime, but if they do that, visitors will be guaranteed.

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