Here is the Best Documentary Music Video ‘5 Days of Facebook’ ever made by Rahul Bhatt with a thin Storyline about Relationship Status and the first ever in India to be made on the concept of social networking. This Video is from Shot Ok Motion Pictures.
The Video is about a guy who wanted developing relationship with his School’s girl friend in the Facebook. The video has been splitted into two screen and it shows the expectations of the guy and the reality of the present situation. This video has been Viral since it has been released.

I suggest all my Facebook friends to watch this video atleast once. THis video has gained so much of popularity to the extent of the most viewed videos on youtube in India.

Production House – Shot Ok Motion Pictures
Directed and Produced Р Manish Jain
Music & Lead vocals – Rahul Bhatt and Nihira Joshi.
Lyrics – Manish Jain & Rahul Bhatt.

Here is the Video –



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