What is 4K high speed video production? Read This!

We can all agree that one of the most captivating types of entertainment is television and movies. They can both be grouped under the category of video entertainment. They are a combination of audio and video at the same time. As such, you get an immersive experience from the material that you watch. To make […]

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate 6.8.0 [Review]

Luckily I was invited to write a review for Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, version 6.8.0. Actually I have used this application for a long time. It is very easy to use and saves a lot of time and effort for me. Now I will share my experience with you. Part 1: What Function does Wondershare […]

iSkysoft iTube Studio- Web Video Downloader on PC [Review]

Most of the Time I have slow Internet Connection and I cant watch Videos on different Video Steaming sites due to Lagging and Buffering. You can watch the Video in Low Resolution but the Video Quality will be Poor. For that its better to Download the Video and watch Buffering free. It will take some […]

Use Firefox & Chrome to play Audio & Video Files

Now a days Browsers come with many features. Browsers are so productive that you can even run an Operating System using a Browser. A few days ago while experimenting I got a New Simple and Awesome Method to run Video and Audio files using a Browser. Lets imagine that you have formatted your Computer and […]

How to Download Youtube Videos in PC without any extension/plugin/software

Youtube in the mostly used by almost all the internet users to watch Videos online. Last year the Gangnam Dance and this year trending Harlem Shake Dance are all seen in YouTube only. So basically all of us use YouTube to watch any Videos online. So here I want to show a simple trick using which you can Download […]

General files – A Website for free unlimited Download

There are plenty of websites available in online market for file sharing and free downloading. General-files.com  aka file search engine is also one of those sites by where you can download free movies, songs, games, software, images and much more. General files is one of the most popular and best online file sharing sites available […]

YouTube Launched face-blurring Tool to Protect User

YouTube has designed a unique feature to help those who gather news from around the globe. It so happens that sometimes it is essential to hide the faces of people in the videos for security reasons. Certain human rights organizations feel the need to mask the faces in order to protect identity. Neither video sharing […]

A 56Second Youtube Video Worth $500,000

“CHARLIE BIT ME” Have you Missed this 56Second Video? The Video about which I am talking about is a UK Based cherubic 1year Old Boy (Charlie) and his 3year Old Brother (Harry). Charlie is seen sitting on Happy’s Lap on a leather chair & Harry playfully offers Charlie his other finger taking close to his […]

Why Dhanush’s “Why This Kolaveri Di” goes Viral Over the Internet?

Why This Kolaveri Di ( which means Why this Murderous Rage, Girl?) is a Song from the upcoming Tamil movie 3. This song is composed by Anirudh Ravichander and Sung by Dhanush. THe Promo of the song was released in Youtube  on 16th November 2011. The lyrics is a “Tanglish” (Tamil–English).  Within 10 days of the video release, the song has more […]

Best indian Video Based on Facebook ‘5 Days of Facebook’

Here is the Best Documentary Music Video ‘5 Days of Facebook’ ever made by Rahul Bhatt with a thin Storyline about Relationship Status and the first ever in India to be made on the concept of social networking. This Video is from Shot Ok Motion Pictures. The Video is about a guy who wanted developing […]

How to set a Video as your Wallpaper

This a very simple trick but really exciting. You must have set Different HD wallpapers or GIF images to decorate your Desktop wallpaper. But few days ago my friend said me this trick by which one can set a Video as there wallpaper. To set video as a wallpaper all you need is VLC Player […]