How to wish Happy New Year 2012 using Facebook Chat to your Friend

This year lets wish our friends a new year wish in a Unique way. Lets wish through Facebook chat . I have given you a pic how I have wished my friends.


Here I want to give you the Code using which you can send your friends easily. Here is the code-

[[124641767652266]] [[124642810985495]] [[124643044318805]] [[124643044318805]] [[124643487652094]] [[124642300985546]] [[124644090985367]] [[124644404318669]] [[124644567651986]] [[124642300985546]] [[124643487652094]] [[124644404318669]] [[124642810985495]] [[124645367651906]] [[124642300985546]] [[124645977651845]] [[124646247651818]] [[124646574318452]] [[124645977651845]] [[124642300985546]]


Just copy the Entire code and paste in the chatbox of your friend and whish him Happy New Year 2012. This is the new way to wish your friends.

Happy New Year 2012


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