5 Simple Tips to Increase the Speed of your Computer easily

Many of us have personal Computers and Laptops and mostly we used to play Games and Movies. But after using some days or months the computer become slow and it takes some more time to Login , Logoff or to Open any Program. After getting rid of it mostly they format their computer and they […]

Remove Babylon Search from your PC

Babylon is a really annoying search engine toolbar. You might get it installed on your PC through non-malicious malware infected applications. However, it blocks your search engines and forces the browser to use Babylon as default search engine. It provides inaccurate results with obstructing advertisements. Here is a video which shows completely removing steps-   […]

7 Steps on How to Protect Your Computer

Hackers get undeniable access to countless of computers daily – because of the fact that a lot of computer owners are oblivion to the topic on how to effectively protect their computer. Leaving your computer vulnerable isn’t such a good idea, considering how large the internet has become and how unsecure it is for unprotected […]

7 Best System Optimizing Softwares you must know about

As you all know guys, Optimizing a computer system is a must to do step which results in its best performance. Well, Optimization is a kinda necessary for your computer system which helps it in running your computer more smoothly. Well, here below I have mentioned some of the best Computer Optimizing softwares you must […]