Do you want to know what is being posted on Google+?

Do you want to know what is being posted on Google+? Press the slash key “/” twice, then hit enter and click the “Most recent” link. Now wait a few seconds and then watch in real-time what people are posting on Google+ . Using this method you can get realtime posts of all the Google […]

Social Media: Twitter and Google Plus Make Changes

It seems that some of the hottest social media topics have recently centered on the mother companies. For example, Twitter has made a move to increase its hold on content that streams through its portal online. Google +, on the other hand, has brought about a situation where apps by the mother company, such as, maps will be accessible by subscribers as a matter of fact.

(Google Plus or Facebook) What is a Blogger’s Choice?

After the Launch of Google Plus, it has became a Great Challange for Facebook to Compete. But now its a Question that Which Social Network among Facebook and Google Plus should a Blogger Use? Here is Something which I have analysed- Facebook is a Place where we get a lot of Spams as more user […]

Cadbury Makes Google+ Fanpage from Chocolate

Do you Cadbury Chocolate? I dont know about you but I know that Cadbury Loves Google Pkus. Not UK based Cadbury have created a Chocolate Version of Google Plus using Cadbury Chocolate.

Google Official Fanpages at Plus , Facebook, Twitter

Now a days are of us spend time over the internet by doing Facebook, Google, Twitter and lots of Social and Online Applications. If you are running a business, Website or Blog then you must be having a Fanpage or Businesspafe in popular Social Sites such as Google Plus , Facebook and even Twitter.

5 Methods to Make 1000+ Followers in Google Plus Easily

Google Plus is the Fastest Growing Social Networking Site by Google and today many artists, photographers and business Owners have made their google plus page . I have been using Google+ for many days and now I have about 3000+ Followers. But How? Mu friends asked Me that How did I increased my Followers so […]

Publish sync for google+ & facebook (Green Edition) [Extension]

Do you have account in Google Plus? Do you update status, links, photos in Google + , Facebook, Twitter, etc separately. I think yes . It must take much time to do so. Now I am giving you the solution of your Problem. THere is an Chrome Extension named as Publish sync for google+ & facebook […]

Add Facebook tab in Google Plus [Extension]

Have you ever imagined that you can also view the streams of Facebook in Google plus. Now you can add facebook stream directly in your Google plus account . It is a chrome extension using which you can do so. The name of this Extension is ” Facebook for Google+ “. To Download this chrome […]

Mute Animated Gif Images on Google Plus Stream [Chrome Extension]

Are you tired of the GIF images which takes a while to load in Google Plus? I think your answer is yes.  Yes, users are having fun bitching about rival Facebook and sharing Facebook slap images. You can use GIF STOPPER  a chrome extension using which you can stop loading of GIF images just by pressing ESC button […]

Google+ dominated time to reach 20 million

Have you ever imagined how fast the Google+ will reach 20million. I have thought that it will take about 6month or more to get so much of users. But I was astonished to see the graph of how fast it took to reach this number of customer. 

Facebook “LIKE” vs Google “PLUS”

There is a great war going between Google and Facebook in terms of Social Network. Facebook has the Power of “LIKE” where has Google has all new “PLUS” . So What do u like to do? Plus or Like..