Extract PowerPoint slides from PDF online for free

In this fast-paced business world, the way you present yourself and your ideas is becoming an increasingly important factor in getting ahead. Many business people depend on well-crafted, professional presentations to get their points across. Whether you are trying to attract new clients, pitching ideas to your boss or presenting a progress report or new […]

Enabling live collaboration in PowerPoint

Live collaboration is one of the significant and most useful features of PowerPoint 2013, the latest version of presentation work suite. You can seamlessly collaborate with your colleague, clients or friends and make changes to it, simultaneously.

Easy Ways to Make Flow Charts in PowerPoint 2013

Flow Chart is a visual representation or algorithm or a system. It has invariable importance in programming as well as sometimes during business management, Flow charts are one of the most popular PowerPoint Template types. I will you show you how to create flow charts on the go. You can access flowchart custom shapes either […]

How to Create an Effective PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint plays an important aspect in every sector. Education, commerce, business are few sectors that you’re familiar with, where PowerPoint is prominent. Here are few tips to guide on creating an Effective PowerPoint Presentation. Next time your boss or your teachers assigns you a presentation, don’t freak out, follow this guide- Content The worst trap […]

Comparing and Merging Presentations in PowerPoint 2013

Almost every time while I create a PowerPoint presentation, I am always bothered by revisions and modifications to it by my clients. Previously, I had to open both files and compare, slide to slide which is a strenuous and boring task – Moreover the all new ‘Compare’ allowed me to become an expert in proof reading […]