Some New blogging Platform such as Roon and Medium doesn’t allow commenting on their sites. We tried to explore the reason for which they are not allowing Comments. Commenting encourage Quality comments but there is always something negative for that. Pros- Enabling Comments on Blog By allowing comments on a blog we encourage visitors to […]

Comments are an important part of any blog. Bloggers need to know how to handle the comments that are posted for their blog posts. When handled properly, comments can help in increasing the popularity of your blog. Comments can promote real discussions on your blog posts which can even spill on to social networks like […]

Blogging is an Art of Creating Wonderful Content. You can get an Identity of you are successful in particular Niche.  Many Bloggers usually run blogs under Pseudo Handles (Fake names) to Hide their Real Identity. They use some Catchy Handle which bear no resemblance to their actual personalities. But why should he/she blog under a Pseudo name? […]

Website visibility is a key factor that must be observed in any website or blog today. In the competitive online arena, there are thousands of niche websites—each capable of offering streams of information to everyone. Before building a website, you must first determine the value of your niche. Is the niche popular? What is the […]