6 WordPress Errors that can influence your website SEO

WordPress is an open source website formation tool. This is one of the coolest and influential content management systems prevailing today. It is a perfect choice for inexpert and non-mechanical users who can easily build the website without so many formalities.

WordPress is a perfect platform for a diversity of websites for creating a content management system in one place. It is easy to use and a perfect tool for all companies and developers, but there are some WordPress faults that give little stress. However, some of its errors fixed up easily, but there are some few errors you need to know about how to fix them and why they occur.

The best in all its SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO, file manager, and sitemap XML makes the SEO cool for the websites. Running an SEO website is not a cup of tea for anyone even with a WordPress. There are some fundamentals from which you have to stay update and make the things easy to run a website on SEO.

To run all the things in the correct way you should find out those errors and reasons that negatively affect your website SEO. Go ahead with the page and find out your answers if you need any help of experts you can click here for marketing company.

404 Error

If this error occurs on your website it is not your fault it is the client side error. It is a failure to find out the given request given by your customer in your website. For example, in your website, you are sharing some external links of your client site or if he delete the links and they are still present in your WordPress plugins it shows 404 sever not found on the user’s pc. If your site contains a number of broken links it seriously damages your website reputation and creates a poor experience for the user. These are three types of errors such as external 404, outgoing 404, and internal 404.

To repair these errors you must read out your website broken links to increase the User experience and always make sure your SEO is running best.

404 Not found the error

It is a failure of the request which makes by your user. It is a client-side problem which seriously affects the traffic of your website. It sometimes is shown as “file not found” in the search request. The common reason for this matter is permalink settings in WordPress. If you want to fix this issue you have to re-configure your site permalink settings and manually apprise all the rules.


Google crawling errors

Crawl errors occur when Google can’t able to crawl your site on search engine. For example, if the user searches a website and it shows a site error or crawls errors. Another words you can say the user does not reach your website when Google fails to recognize the URL of the entered address. This affects very badly to your site because Google can’t rank and crawl the site.

502 gateway based errors

These are mostly bewildering errors which generally appears on the WordPress website it mostly occurs when your website takes a lot of time to load without showing any error.

In other words, you can say that when your apps I receive the bad response from another server it might be network or browser problem but there is something wrong in your WordPress as well so look out this error first because if it occurs again and again it affects the traffic very severely. To fix this issue you have to check out the Configuration settings.

500 internal server error

It is an indication that your website server getting trouble in delivering the precise information to the user. This error is frequent in the websites with you have to make sure that it never occurs in your website because it affects the repetition and traffic of your website badly even it affects the Search Engine Optimization. It eventually leads you website in the bad situation where you can’t get any visitors or ranking by the Google.

504 gateway timeout error

This error often caused when the user requesting to read the information of your website and it takes a lot of time to proceed and then shows Timeout error to the user. It generally affects your website visitors because no one wants to deal with that website which takes a lot of time to proceed so please make sure this error is fixed. To fix it you need to check out the WordPress Firewall like Cloudflare.


If you are doing SEO with your website so you have to fix up these errors as soon as possible because it is the only way to generate high-quality traffic and genuine visitors to your website that can easily crawl by the Google and better your site reputation in the Google as well as in the consumer choices.

5 Benefits of Using WordPress for Your Next Design Project

WordPress has become the platform of choice for many website owners, designers, and developers because of how easy it is to use and also how great the websites are. Over the years more and more people have switched over to WordPress and because of many other reasons, including the fact that there have been people working on improving it non-stop. It is an open source platform, so people are allowed to play around with it and make any additions to it that they want. If you are going to be designing a website soon and are thinking of heading over to WordPress, then you are making a wise choice. It doesn’t matter if the design project is for your own website or you have a client that is looking for a professional design. So to help you ensure you are making the right decision, let’s take a look at 5 reasons why you should.


Plenty of Design and Customization Options

Creating a beautiful design isn’t hard with WordPress. A lot of people think that since WordPress is a content management system, there will most likely be design restrictions. There are none. You can do almost everything you would want to when not using WordPress, which is why it is such a great platform. Not only is it easy for you to use, but you can also have a normal looking website that has a beautiful design.

No Layout Restrictions

Just because WP was originally created people who would like to have their own for blogs, doesn’t mean that you will need to have a blog type layout for your website. You are able to have as many pages as you want, any structure, and anything else you want. You could have a normal website layout, with a blog area where the layout changes… It is really all up to you.

SEO Boosts

We all understand how important it is to be as search engine optimized as possible. The more SEO we have the higher we get ranked, increasing our overall traffic. Well, designing a website through WP will automatically help your SEO because search engines love this platform. It is really easy for their spider to go in and out of each page and to crawl for new content. Not only is it amazing for spiders, but you can also add plugins to provide other SEO related benefits. The plugins can be free and will make a difference.

Continuous Upgrades

Like I mentioned earlier, the WordPress platform is open source, so there are always new features coming out, new themes, and new everything. People are able to find ways to improve WordPress on their own. You will have no problem keeping up with all of the new technologies or techniques because WP will have them available.

They also upgrade their security on a regular basis. Since there will always be the threat of hackers, viruses, and other bad thing… It is important that our website have as much security as possible. WordPress offers excellent security to help your website stay online.


Plugins can make the experience of managing as well as designing a website much easier. Plugins are made to add benefits and features to the website that is being made. You can easily add simple things such as forms, sliders, and social media additions. Beyond the simple stuff, you can also have plugins to help with the more complex stuff such as SEO and analyzing your website’s traffic. A lot of people switched over to WP, simply because of all of the plugin options that are available to help them run the website. There are thousands of different plugins, so anything you can think of will most likely be available.

There are plenty of other reasons why WordPress is a great choice for your next design project. These 5 reasons should give you a big enough push to at least look into the platform a little further and find out some other cool things about it. If you are still a little sketchy about designing on WordPress, you should take a look at some of the well design WP sites that are out there. You will be surprised how great they look while providing a perfect user experience.

It took Ness a lot of hard work, dedication, and research to become the successful writer she is today. She can proudly call herself a lead writer for Problogger.net and has overcome a lot to get where she is today. While it takes her longer, she puts more effort into the research of each topic she writes about, to make sure that she is providing information that is accurate and as helpful as possible. It doesn’t matter what subject she writes about, her audiences can always trust her words.

Decorate your WordPress Blog this Christmas for Free

Being a Blogger, Creating content is one of the Most Important Job for the Readers. Along with that Design, Speed, SEO, Usability also take part in the Process. You cannot ignore any of them in you want to take your Blog for a long run. There are lots of Plugins which helps to make your Blog look great and load faster.

Christmas is one of the most exciting and colorful event where we decorate our home and community and celebrate. This year why not to decorate our Blog too so that our Readers can enjoy and feel the Christmas.

christmas look


Here are list of some plugins which you can use to decorate your WordPress Blog this Christmas.

My Christmas Calendar

This plugin allows you to add a Simple Shortcode to your Blog Posts where you can display beautiful calenders. You can adjust the Dimensions and Color as it fit your Blog Post. Download it here.

Countdown Clock

As the name suggests, this plugin is used to display a Flash Countdown Clock on your Sidebar which can be Customized to any Event. You can choose from a wide variety of designs, colors and sizes. Download it here.

Xmas Lights

Xmas Lights is a Plugin which is used every year during Christmas at RIGHTyaLEFT. This is a Cool plugin which allows Blinking Christmas Lights on the Top your Blog. Download it here.

Improved Let It Snow!

This is another plugin which RIGHTyaLEFT use every year. This plugin simply add show effect on your Blog. It has some basic settings which can be set easily. Download it here.

Hope you use these plugins to decorate your Blog every Christmas.


Win 10 License of WP WriterStrap Theme worth $200 [completed]

WriterStrap is one of the Fastest Loading WordPress Theme based on HTML5, Flat UI and other Latest Web Trends. There are lots of Features of the Theme and SEO Friendly as it is Well Structured and is a Child Theme.

The theme is Yet-To-Release but if you want a Copy of theme then Participate in the Giveaway where you can Win 10 License of the WriterStrap WordPress Theme worth $200 .

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WriterStrap – A Premium Flat UI WordPress Theme with Latest WebTrends

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WriterStrap – A Premium Flat UI WordPress Theme with Latest WebTrends

Being a Web Designer, Developer or a Blogger we always want our Site to Load Faster and look great. For that many Optimization codes are used to Minimize the code and use different Scripts or CDN to make it faster. But what happens when a newbie start a Blog or a non technical guy start Blogging. Its very difficult for him to understand the Codes and Scripts. He can pay for CDN and create great content but Still cant get more Traffic. There are lots of reason behind it.

Some of the Most Important Reason for which your Blog dont get traffic after creating Good content are due to Bad Hosting and Bad WordPress theme. You can choose any hosting basically that doesnt allow to host Illegal sites on the same IP Address or Server. But when it comes to theme you always get confused while choosing one.

Here is an Example- For last 6 months I was using a Premium Theme which had great review and it was loading Faster than my Previous theme. Most of the review was great and it was made using HTML5 and was SEO Friendly. Before that my Traffic was growing and when I used this theme, the Traffic remain constant. I regularly created content but after 3 months when I saw stats I was shocked because for the last 3 month my Traffic is almost same. After creating so many posts there was no change in Traffic for all 90 days. I tried to explore more for the reason. One guy said me to use Cache Plugin which will help loading more faster. I used that but it didnt worked.

Finally after searching a lot I got a Theme known as WriterStrap which is a Child Theme of RootStrap developed by Crayonux. The theme is one of the Best theme which Follow all the Latest Trends and a Typical Theme which most of the Blogger want to use in their Blog.

Read About Other Themes- WP MashThirteen , WP FlatThirteen


WriterStrap is a Flat UI WordPress Theme which is designed using minimum amount of Code. The theme is Fully SEO Optimized. There are lots of Features among which few are here-

  • HTML5 Theme
  • Made with Latest WebTrends
  • Fully SEO Optimized
  • Faster Page Loading
  • Latest Flat UI based Theme
  • Custom Pagination
  • Custom Voice Search
  • Social media Profiles
  • Custom Blog Header and Campaign management
  • Google Ad management through Admin
  • Color Theme Option through Admin Panel
  • Custom Logo and Favicon Image by Admin.
  • Infinite Scroll Option
  • Default Related Post (Random Post)
  • Retina Ready
  • Fully Responsive
  • Its a Child theme

There are lots of More features available in the Theme which you can find after Experiencing it.

theme stats

You can believe but it Increased my Traffic more than 70% from First Day and will recommend others to use the Theme.

Why to Choose WordPress while Starting a Blog

The Theme is Yet to Release.

Currently we are Running a Giveaway where we will Choose 10 Winner and they will be provided a License of the Theme which cost around $200. As it is based on Latest Webtrend, you must Participate in the Contest and Hope a Chance to win a License of a Yet to Release Theme.

Participate Here- Win 10 License of WriterStrap WP Theme worth $200

WP FlatThirteen – Attractive Flat UI WordPress Theme for Free

Its the time to design everything FLAT. Its a old concept but became popular now a days. Most of the Companies logo have transferred to Flat design including Google. Recently there is a lots of Demand in Flat Websites and designs. As wordpress is most Flexible and Widely used Platform, many search for Flat Design theme for WordPress.

Previously I have posted about WP MashThirteen which is a Mashable like WordPress Theme and many Blogs are currently using it. Now another Flat theme has been released by Craynoux and the theme has became Viral.

The theme has a flat, minimal design and powered by TwiiterBootStrap 3.0. so admin can add a lot of creative work to its content. This is a fully responsive theme so looks perfect on any mobile or tablet device. The theme is also SEO Optimized.

Download the Theme from here – WP FlatThirteen

How to Add a Google Play Store Badge in WordPress

There are Millions of Websites and Blogs running on WordPress because of its Flexibility and Security. Some make Android Blog where they provide links to Download android Apps and display pictures of the App. It doesnt look good.

Now you can Install a plugin on WordPress which help to add  Google Play store badge for a certain application in their posts to display the information regarding the application developer, the rating of an app, app thumbnail, Barcode and the link of Google Play/AppBrain in the Google play store badge. And if you don’t understand what I’m taking about, kindly see the following screenshot for instance.

With Savrix Play Store WordPress plugin you can easily share Android any app information on your blog posts/pages by using simple shortcode.

Download and use it.

Top Free Blogging Platform for Beginners

Blogging and setting up a blog is not hard these days because content management systems have made it so that you do not need to learn any sort of programming skills. A person who has no idea what HTML is may still create a blog. This puts beginners in a very good position, as it means they may set up a fully functioning blog within the hour and still have it look as good as the last 100 people’s blogs that were just set up. Here are great free blogging platforms for new beginners.

Read moreTop Free Blogging Platform for Beginners

WP MashThirteen – Mashable Inspired Free WordPress Theme

There are Thousands of Free WordPress themes available on the Internet for Free. Many themes are created as Child Theme and some make clone themes. If you will search in Google about Free WordPress theme then you will get Thousands of Links of Different Sites for it.
Recently I was search for a New Free theme for one of my Blog when Suddenly I found a theme which Look like Mashable and the name of the Theme is WP Mash Thirteen. MP Mash Thirteen is a Child theme of TwentyThirteen and is Powered by TwitterBootstrap 3.0. It is not the Exact Clone of the Mashable theme but you will have a Feel of Mashable Theme.

You can convert your Blog to a Clean and Beautiful design like Mashable. The theme works only with TwentyThirteen parent theme and you can add a lots of creative Work to its Content.
The Theme is Responsive and Works Perfectly on any Mobile device or Tablet.


Blogspot YA WordPress – Free Blogging Platform

Hello Friends, Today we are going to Know about the Top Two Blogging Platforms those are Free and has a lots of Features. They are Blogspot.com and WordPress.com . Most of the Guys get confused choosing Platforms before starting Blogging as WordPress or Blogspot?

Read moreBlogspot YA WordPress – Free Blogging Platform

Enabling Comments on Blog : Pros & Cons

Some New blogging Platform such as Roon and Medium doesn’t allow commenting on their sites. We tried to explore the reason for which they are not allowing Comments. Commenting encourage Quality comments but there is always something negative for that.

Pros- Enabling Comments on Blog


By allowing comments on a blog we encourage visitors to have their valuable feedback and constructive criticism. Visitors comment about tips, ideas, topics, feedback etc. You can know about How your content helped the Visitor. They give their response to your posts.

Another advantage of Allowing comment is that you can create a Sense of Loyalty among readers. When your will comment, they will return back to your site for more.

It also create a Network of readers if you allow commenting on Blogs. You can get like-minded peoples, create friendship with them and make business connections with them.

Cons- Disabling Comments on Blog


Enabling comments means you have to give some time to Moderate and reply to those comments which you receive on your site. You have to answers all the questions which users ask so that they will return back and make connection with you. If you get huge amount of comments it consumes lots of your time and prove to be a Huge Task.

If you are allowing comments to the Blog , it welcomes potential negativity to the blog. Users will spam on your site in order to get link backs and traffic to their site from your site.

If you don’t allow comments it encourage Social Media Conversation. It means one who really want to comment on a post can send on the Fanpage wall or can tweet about it. It creates more buzz of the brand among social media. If someone comment on Facebook then his friends can check the comment and the fanpage. Similar is the case with Twitter.

Some day that comment add nothing the the Topics and no one reads them.


It depends on you the way you accept it. You have your own preference since its your Blog. Sometimes it add substance to your conversation and sometimes it simply a Distraction.

5 Alternative use of WordPress , other than Blogging

We use WordPress for Blogging. Most of bloggers do because its easy to use, secure, widely flexible in designing and customizing and the best part is its Opensource. But mow some are using WordPress as CMS (Content Management System) which is ofcourse not a Blog.

Here I want to list some alternative use of WordPress which we can make other than Blog-

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